Who Are We?

A lawyer, a real estate agent and teacher and a businessman. Between us we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your relocation is as stress free as possible.

Why Use Us?

Our expertise comes from being:

  • Dominican and British Nationals
  • Having relocated ourselves, and built our own property
  • Access to a large portfolio of property and land for sale and rental
  • An all round one stop shop
  • Legal professionals
  • Knowledge of the best suppliers, tradesmen and market rates
  • Because we are a law firm, you are guaranteed privacy of personal information.

Services Provided

  1. We obtain a comprehensive needs analysis assessment in the first instance.
  2. Accommodation requirements:
    • Purchase property.
    • Purchase land and build.
    • Rentals.
    • Purchase an existing business.
  3. Identify preferred location - factors: climate, schools, business requirements.
  4. Identify and inspect suitable schools and/or childcare facilities.
    • Information and assistance with application and enrolment process
  5. Provide detailed information on:
    • Cost of living indicators.
    • Where to buy / rent cars - registration and insurance.
    • Banks.
    • Insurance advice - house, health, car and life.
    • Taxation guidance.
    • Public and private health options.
    • Utility connections and deposits - electricity, water, telephone and internet.
    • Things to do - beaches, hikes, snorkeling, hot pools, watersports, restaurants.
    • Food and shopping advice.
    • Cultural awareness advice.
    • Why choose Dominica.
    • The expat life!
  6. Assistance with clearance at port and delivery of belongings and advice on what to ship here.
  7. Ongoing advice and support after the move.
  8. Migration- Citizenship by investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

From an adult's perspective

From a child's perspective

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For more information and our fees

Email: movetodominica@whitco-inc.com
Tel: +1 767 277 8714